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Who we are?

If you are looking for a quality fashion apparel manufacturer, you have come to the right place!

We know it is difficult to find clothing manufacturers with right people. Your local manufacturers may be over budget, have to look for overseas manufacturers. But facing problems with communication, do not know apparel manufacturing trade. Worrying about Potential clothing manufacturers is legit, will get trouble in scam? Due to small amount and long trip, it’s not worth a clothing business journey for startup brands. 

As custom private label manufacturers located in China, we set up a very low minimum order quantity for established brands. Our clients include: fashion designers, clothing store owners, high end fashion labels, apparel wholesalers and distributors. Fashion Clothing Manufacturers Imily clothing, with wide range clothing supply chains and clothing factories. The team has over 10 years experience in clothing industry, helping brands custom fashion clothing. Beside cut and sew manufacturing, we offer tech pack and clothing development. We like to add value, read more about our service.

3D pattern

We Support Different Types of Buyers

As your long-term partner, Imily clothing shapes its services to perfectly fit your business special requirements.

E-commerce/Small Business

With a starting MOQ as low as 100, we can find a supplier to manufacture your design and customize packaging to meet all e-commerce requirements.

Medium to Large Business

From uniforms to promotional items, we offer scalable options to meet your high-volume needs while maintaining quality and consistency across all products.

fashion designers and brands

From runway-ready collections to bespoke couture pieces, we offer collaborative partnerships and unparalleled craftsmanship to bring your designs to life.

Product Development

If you need assistance in bringing your product idea to life, we can guide you through the entire product development process from prototyping to the final product.

Why work with us(main benefits)?

Imily clothing is custom fashion clothing manufacturers in China, compare with your domestic clothing manufacturers, we can make the same quality clothing in lower cost.

Many countries have clothing manufacturers, but there are very few countries with a whole industry chain of clothing customization. China is one of the few countries with a whole industry and entire supply chain of apparel. From fabric, apparel production to delivery, from basic blank t shirts to down jackets.

There are many high quality clothing manufacturers and the largest clothing industry in China. Finding overseas clothing manufacturer become the trends for fashion industry. There are thousands of clothing manufacturing companies, but still hard to find the right clothing vendor for your own clothing line. The great benefits of choosing us as below:

Free Fabric sourcing

We can offer you tons of fabric in stock to choose from, also we are OK with special materials for specific customers. We have a wide variety of styles, prints and textures to cover for every taste or desire. NO additional fees on fabric sourcing service.

One Stop service solution

Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest while you tend to your clients. All clothing products we can custom for your private label. We work with tech packs, drawings, sketches, creative ideas, physical samples. We can engage with product development, sourcing products like bags and accessories.

Quality clothing at affordable prices

We’re not promising you the lowest prices as we all know that quality doesn’t come cheap. But our prices are certainly competitive and affordable and the quality of our fashion clothing is unbeatable. The whole clothing manufacturing process made in house.

Quantity clothes goods

On time delivery

Due to our production capacity, we have a very short lead time about 20-45 days, depending on the quantity and types of clothing. From the beginning of our contract we will agree on a schedule and from there on, we will take full control of the whole manufacturing process.

Small batches acceptable

Want to make more clothing items with minimum number? You don’t need to order large number in first order. We accept MOQ low to 100 pcs per style, custom your own designs within financial cost, friendly to small businesses and fashion designers, start with your own clothing brand now.

Environmental sustainability production

In sustainable fashion production, use organic and natural materials, working conditions at garment factories are fair and the pollution emission is kept as low as possible.

Logo solution

For logo we have different printing techniques: screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing. Embroidery and beading available.

Low shipping costs

International shipping is not as expensive as expected. There are many options to send, by air, sea, courier. If you don’t want to deal with any custom and paper work, just tell your supplier you need DDP(delivery with duty paid) service. 

Fully guarantee

100% inspection quality control promise delivery quality clothing.  We focus on high quality so you have more time care clothing sells on your local market.  Any questions you can reach us in 24 hours.

We Simplify Custom Clothing Procurement from China

Navigating the intricacies of supplier selection and ensuring impeccable production can be overwhelming.

As a leading custom clothing supplier, ImilyClothing adeptly manages the entire procurement process, from sourcing suppliers to delivering finished products.

Rest assured, our experienced professionals will handle every aspect seamlessly, even if you’re new to the custom clothing business.

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